Don't stare at me!
Marco shot of a caterpillar found close to a hiking trail in the tirolean alps.
Glowing rooster seen in national park Bavarian forest (Bayerischer Wald)
Peacock trying to attract nearby birds and potential partners with shaking feathers providing this appealing focus on its head and main body
A lively city with a rich set of relaxed cats.
Checkerboard Butterfly
Hairy Beast
Close shot of rare butterfly on the mountaints near to lake Grada in Italy
Sand lizard got disturbed while taking a sunbath close to malestiger Mittagskogel, Faak am See, Austria
Hairy beetles (Cetoniinae) pairing on flower. Be aware of adult-animal content. Shot in garden, where these beetles seem to love sitting and eating from Leucanthemum.
Grasshopper enjoying the last shine of the evening sun at a blossom.
bug sitting on hairy blossom, found in swamp near Staffelsee, Bavaria
Dog enjoying beach life in Conemara, Ireland while waiting for its master to throw the ball.
Squirrel following a heron at the California coast at Morro bay.
Pangalin in Timbavati nature reserve in South Africa. These animals, covered with sharp scales, are mostly nocturnal and are rare to find in nature reserves and national parks.
In a housing for hyenas, several mothers and their puppys congregate. While one of the mothers takes care of the kids during the day, the others are searching for food for the family. Seen in Timbavati Nature Reserve.
A herd of elephants walking together with calves and young ones. Timbavati Nature Reserve.
Leopard carefully observing its environment in Thornybush, South Africa
Curious rock thrush, picture taken close to Gordons Bay in South Africa. The chat was searching for food close to the Atlantic coast.
Dragonfly shot in the mountains above Alassio in Liguria. The hills along a trail were populated by hundreds of these beautiful insects, which were using the warm upstream and rich vegetation to rest.
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